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Be, the Be logo, BeBox, BeOS, GeekPort, and BeWare are trademarks of Be, Inc. Apple and. Macintosh are registered trademarks … For a detailed discussion of the 3D Kit, see the white paper, “Welcome to the 3D World,” on the Be Web site:.

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Developer Library: 3D Kit

Developer Library: 3D KitThe 3D Kit is a custom light-weight 3D graphics kit written by Be.Because of the superior performance and low cost of hardware acceleration for OpenGL, Be recommends using OpenGL over our own 3D Kit. Support for 3D Accelerators is currently being developed for the OpenGL system.

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Be Newsletters – Volume 1: 1995–1996

Be Engineering Insights: The DR8 Graphics World
By Pierre Raynaud-Richard

In the upcoming release of the BeOS™, Developer Release 8 (DR8), we introduce two new kits and assorted new and improved API to help satisfy the needs of developers who work and play in the graphics world. The new kits are:

The Game Kit, our first pass at delivering specialized API that fits the needs of digital game designers

The 3D Kit, an “in-box” solution for designing, rendering, and interacting with three-dimensional figures and settings Continue reading

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