[2016-07-28] Augmented Reality Building Block Game Puts LEGO To Shame – Vacativ

Building blocks just took a leap into the 21st century, ensuring that children no longer need imagination to play. Koski is a block-building game that combines ordinary wooden blocks with augmented reality—you know, that crazy stuff that makes Pokémon Go work. The player points an iPad camera at the platform and builds a world with interactive virtual characters. No more making up the characters and scenarios in your heads, kids! We’re living in the future! There’s an app for that now! The physical blocks are magnetic and they allow users to create complex structures in which virtual characters can navigate. Of course, virtual characters were always free to navigate lego structures or your children’s make-believe creations, but they had to think about them, using their brains, presenting a huge cognitive burden! Good riddance to that crazy old school neurologically-stimulating codswallop! The iPad augmented reality app uses object recognition, which allows the virtual characters interact with the physical blocks that are being moved. Different colored tokens represent various objects that can be added to the world, like trees and waterfalls. Koski is not yet released to the public, but hopefully these colorful little characters will be jumping around your living room soon.Bye bye, independent thought! You were such a hassle!

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