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?Recession 2020 — 13 Signs That Recession will be Global and Worse than 1929 !!

Today, the US debt is over $23 trillion and growing. There’s a very real possibility that a byproduct of any slowdown in the economy could lead to debt default, the interest on the debt costing over $500 billion each year. With the reduced federal revenues that a recession would cause, the odds of the deficits increasing each year will grow until eventually it will be nearly impossible to service the debt without cutting expenses to the bone – including defense, btw – to forestall default.

It is a dire situation being made even worse by the Trump administrations racking up over $1 trillion deficits, still counting, and growing.

The predictions are now coming in thick and fast. It appears that there is a foregone conclusion that 2020 is the date that crash 2.0 will wreak havoc once again. The next global financial crisis will strike in 2020, warns investment bank JPMorgan – sparked by automated trading systems.

The global cycle has weathered a number of cycle-threatening events, including the debt ceiling issue in the US and the European sovereign debt crisis in 2011, the taper tantrum in 2013, the sharp fall in commodity prices in 2014 and China’s slowdown in 2015. True, global growth has been subpar until the synchronous recovery took hold from 2017 to 2018. But we have been lucky enough to avoid dipping back into recession.

The global economy is heading into a recession. At least that is the fear after months of warning signs from the engine of global trade, which has spluttered this year. Here we examine 13 clues that the trend, after ten years of expansion, could be backward.
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Over the last few months, there have been some startling leading indicators that we might witness a global recession sometime soon. An unlikely culmination of multiple factors is leading to this.

US-China trade war.
India’s GDP slowdown.
The Brexit turmoil.

Major economies worldwide have shown signs of economic slowdown or even contraction in Q2 2019. A quick look at the largest economies confirms the apprehensions.

US economy grew by 2.1% (annualized) in Q2 2019, down from 3.1% in Q1 and the slowest since Q1 2017.

China, the behemoth fueling a large chunk of global growth, witnessed a paltry 6.2% GDP growth, the lowest in 27 years, and even below the 6.4% recorded during the 2009 Financial crisis.
Japan beat GDP growth estimates in Q1 2019, but Q2 was a little slower.

Germany is the largest economy to actually shrink (by 0.1%) in Q2 (QoQ, compared to Q1 2019), reversing a decade long trend of growth.

As did the UK, for the first time in 7 years, shrinking by 0.2%, compared to 0.5% growth in Q1.

France also slowed down to 0.2%.

Finally, the second-largest Asian economy, India, is also slowing down, having recorded sub 6% GDP growth in Q1 2019. Also, both the real estate and the automobile industries are facing a slump.
Over the last six months, major stock market indices have barely budged, and in some cases like the Nikkei 225 has actually shrunk.
#1. The escalation in the US-China tariff war.

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