[2020-04-09] Scalene – Woman Can Breathe Again! (DISLOCATED RIB FIX) – Dr. Beau

Air Force Active Woman had no luck through the VA as multiple doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors were unable to help her. Her rib had been dislodged pinching nerves that go into her arm and making it weak so that she could not perform push ups any more and had difficulty breathing and feeling anxious. She found Dr beau hightower through youtube and decided that she was willing to pay out of pocket for care that she should be receiving as an active duty servicemember. She was skeptical before she found Dr Beau as many told her that she could not be helped or that her pain was all in her head. Neck pain and back pain can be caused by many things including herniated discs, strained muscles, ligaments, so get multiple opinions if the health care provider you are seeing is not getting you the results that you deserve.

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