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[2019-08-14] Odoo 13 New Features – What To Expect in Community Version

The list of new features in Odoo 13 which is to be released in October 2019. The blog compiles the Odoo 13 New Features and functionality.

Source: Odoo 13 New Features – What To Expect in Community Version

[2020-02-13] Voting App Flaws Could Have Let Hackers Manipulate Results | WIRED

New research from MIT shows that the Voatz app appears to have some glaring security holes.

West Virginia and Oregon have both recently deployed a mobile voting app called Voatz to facilitate absentee voting. But Voatz now turns out to have major security flaws, according to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology—including vulnerabilities that could let a hacker manipulate results.

The newly unearthed bugs could allow an attacker to reveal someone’s votes, block votes from being submitted, or even manipulate them. The findings, first reported in The New York Times, come as the United States is grappling with broad election security issues and debating whether mobile voting can safely expand accessibility. Security experts have long warned that it’s virtually impossible to guarantee safe mobile voting, while Voatz and other companies argue that technologies like biometric authentication and blockchain will make the process secure. Apparently note quite yet, though.

“Given the severity of failings discussed in this paper, the lack of transparency, the risks to voter privacy, and the trivial nature of the attacks, we suggest that any near-future plans to use this app for high-stakes elections be abandoned,” wrote MIT researchers Michael Specter, James Koppel, and Daniel Weitzner.

Source: Voting App Flaws Could Have Let Hackers Manipulate Results | WIRED


Voatz is changing how people vote. Available by invitation on iPhone and Android.

Voatz is on a mission to make voting safer and more accessible. All citizens have a right to vote regardless of their circumstance.

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[2020-02-07] ¿Qué diablos pasó con Guitar Hero? | El caído rey de los juegos rítmicos – Cultura VJ

Guitar Hero, si bien no fue el primero de los juegos rítmicos, fue la punta de la lanza en su popularización gracias a Harmonix. Pero despues de muchos, muchos títulos, ya no tenemos más juegos de la franquicia. Así que veamos ¿Qué diablos pasó con Guitar Hero?

[2020-02-05] Por qué Mozart no usaba el Si bemol – Jaime Altozano

¿Por qué Mozart no usaba el Si bemol? A ver, es un poco más complicado que eso. Porque Mozart tiene cientos de sonatas y sinfonías y conciertos en Si Bemol Mayor y con cientos de Si Bemoles. Pero en 1857 un músico (y físico) alemán publicó una gráfica en la que analizaba la frecuencia de uso de cada una de las notas del piano en la obra de Mozart. Y descubrió un patrón increíble. Un patrón del que quiero hablaros hoy.

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[2020-01-22] AI in the court: Are robot judges next? | ZDNet

As in many other industries, AI carries great promise as well as risks for the legal industry. In the court system, though, the stakes are unusually high. Using a predictive algorithm to determine your child custody terms isn’t quite the same as Netflix suggesting which movie you should watch next.

Even so, AI and automation are already playing a large part in the US legal system. At a conference in Portland, Oregon last week, hosted by the Legal Services Corporation, legal professionals from around the country gathered to collectively pause and consider how they’re modernizing their systems — and to what extent they should be using AI.

Source: AI in the court: Are robot judges next? | ZDNet

[2019-04-24] The Global Judicial Integrity Network: Artificial Intelligence and Court Administration – UNODC

[2020-01-21] ProtonVPN libera el código de todas sus aplicaciones: “Somos el primer proveedor de VPN en hacer esto”

En 2017, la gente de ProtonMail, el servicio de correo cifrado nacido en el CERN que desde siempre se ha plantado como una opción ultra segura y privada, decidió complementar su oferta de servicios con un VPN: ProtonVPN.Ahora, con el objetivo de quizás separarse del montón entre los proveedores de VPN actuales, dentro de los que incluso los que más confianza generaban no han estado libre de polémicas, ProtonVPN se ha sometido a una auditoria de seguridad independiente y además han hecho open source todas las aplicaciones que tienen.

Source: ProtonVPN libera el código de todas sus aplicaciones: “Somos el primer proveedor de VPN en hacer esto”

[2019-06-27] WHY DOES MY SHOULDER HURT? | 12 Home tests to evaluate shoulder pain – Tone and Tighten

Why does your shoulder hurt? There could be many causes of shoulder pain. Today I’m sharing 12 of my favorite tests you can do at home to diagnose your shoulder pain symptoms and help you to feel better. These tests will help determine the cause of your shoulder pain; an important first step in receiving the right treatment. A shoulder pain evaluation from a doctor of physical therapy.


“The Use of Knowledge in Society” – Econlib

What is the problem we wish to solve when we try to construct a rational economic order? On certain familiar assumptions the answer is simple enough.

If we possess all the relevant information,
if we can start out from a given system of preferences, and
if we command complete knowledge of available means, the problem which remains is purely one of logic. That is, the answer to the question of what is the best use of the available means is implicit in our assumptions. The conditions which the solution of this optimum problem must satisfy have been fully worked out and can be stated best in mathematical form: put at their briefest, they are that the marginal rates of substitution between any two commodities or factors must be the same in all their different uses. [From “The Use of Knowledge in Society”]
Source: “The Use of Knowledge in Society” – Econlib