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So are you in need of a quick neck release but unsure what to do, and maybe worried that you’ll do something wrong and hurt yourself? In this video, Dr. Rowe shows the safest DIY way to release, pop, or crack your neck at home.The result will be a release of tension on the soft tissues supporting the cervical spine, notably the upper trapezius (trap) muscle.Also, theses exercises should help you have more overall movement in the neck, less achy pain, and overall stiffness.Watch now and take one step towards better health!

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Overcoming a severe spinal deformity – NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

At 16, John Sarcona’s spine was bending by the hour, collapsing onto his heart and lungs and making it extremely difficult to breathe. For years, John had battled severe scoliosis and thoracic kyphosis — or forward rounding of the back — and after 17 unsuccessful attempts to treat his condition, his parents were desperately searching for answers.They found them at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, where a dedicated care team, led by Dr. Lawrence Lenke of the NewYork-Presbyterian Och Spine Hospital, saved their son’s life.

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Chiropractor Dr. Michael Pound Demonstrates How to use the Neck Hammock On Patients.