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[2020-02-12] Casi la mitad de los afectados por colon irritable padece depresión o ansiedad

Vall d’Hebron lidera un macroestudio para entender los lazos entre estos trastornos

Las unidades de enfermedades gástricas y de psiquiatría del hospital de Vall d’Hebron lideran un macroestudio europeo que pretende entender la compleja relación entre un trastorno intestinal, el llamado colon irritable, y algunas enfermedades mentales, como la depresión y la ansiedad, así como la fatiga crónica y la fibromialgia. Porque una buena parte de quienes tienen colon irritable hasta el 44%, tienen todo lo otro también.

El estudio del eje cerebro-intestino, en el que participarán unos 1.200 personas entre pacientes con distintos tipos de afectación y voluntarios sanos, es un proyecto público europeo que cuenta con 6 millones de financiación comunitaria. “Probablemente el mayor esfuerzo europeo en una afección que no mata pero que disminuye drásticamente la calidad de vida”, señalan Javier Santos, responsable de la investigación por la parte gastrointestinal, y José Antonio Ramos-Quiroga, responsable de psiquiatría del hospital.

Source: Casi la mitad de los afectados por colon irritable padece depresión o ansiedad

[2019-09-29] La furia del claxon: una infracción leve pero muy dañina para la salud – Panorama

El uso innecesario del claxon es una infracción de tránsito leve pero muy dañina para el ser humano. A pesar de ello, es una de las faltas que se comete a cada segundo en las calles limeñas. De acuerdo al reglamento de tránsito, solo debe usarse para alertar de un peligro, pero muchos conductores lo utilizan casi ‘para todo’, es decir, para avisar que cambió el semáforo, que estamos apurados, que se avance más rápido, etc. Las multas por el uso innecesario del claxon varían según el municipio. En San Isidro es de 144 soles, en tanto que en el distrito de Miraflores es de 162 y 150 soles en Surco. Panorama, una vez más, fiscalizó las calles y encontró mil y una anécdotas que podrá ver en la siguiente nota.

[2007-04-14] Radioprotective Potential of Plants and Herbs against the Effects of Ionizing Radiation


Ionizing radiations produce deleterious effects in the living organisms and the rapid technological advancement has increased human exposure to ionizing radiations enormously. There is a need to protect humans against such effects of ionizing radiation. Attempts to protect against the deleterious effects of ionizing radiations by pharmacological intervention were made as early as 1949 and efforts are continued to search radioprotectors, which may be of great help for human application. This review mainly dwells on the radioprotective potential of plant and herbal extracts. The results obtained from in vitro and in vivo studies indicate that several botanicals such as Gingko bilobaCentella asiaticaHippophae rhamnoidesOcimum sanctumPanax ginsengPodophyllum hexandrumAmaranthus paniculatusEmblica officinalisPhyllanthus amarusPiper longumTinospora cordifoilaMentha arvensisMentha piperitaSyzygium cuminiZingiber officinaleAgeratum conyzoidesAegle marmelos and Aphanamixis polystachya protect against radiation-induced lethality, lipid peroxidation and DNA damage. The fractionation-guided evaluation may help to develop new radioprotectors of desired activities.

Keywords: radioprotection, antioxidant, survival, micronuclei

Source: Radioprotective Potential of Plants and Herbs against the Effects of Ionizing Radiation

LEFT chest pain causes – Google Search

Source: LEFT chest pain causes – Google Search

GNU Health | Freedom and Equity in Healthcare

GNU Health
GNU Health combines the socioeconomic determinants of health with state-of-the-art technology in bioinformatics and clinical genetics. It manages the internal processes of a health institution, such as financial management, stock & pharmacies or laboratories (LIMS)

The GNU Health Federation allows to build large, nationwide federated networks with thousands of heterogeneous nodes. The GNU Health federation is revolutionary, and will provide the community, the health practitioners, the research institutions and the ministries of health to have much better perspective and precise information on the individuals and their context.

I hope you find GNU Health motivating and inspiring, and we’re looking forward to have you as part of the team. You can find us in the mailing lists, IRC channels or social networks.

Freedom and Equity in Healthcare !

Luis Falcon, MD

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Chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant

description of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant

Source: Chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant

Chlorine dioxide is mainly used as a bleach. As a disinfectant it is effective even at low concentrations, because of its unique qualities.

Figure 1: sir Humphrey Day discovered chlorine dioxide in 1814.

When was chlorine dioxide discovered?
Chlorine dioxide was discovered in 1814 by Sir Humphrey Davy. He produced the gas by pouring sulphuric acid (H2SO3) on potassium chlorate (KClO3). Than he replaced sulphuric acid by hypochlorous acid (HOCl). In the last few years this reaction has also been used to produce large quantities of chlorine dioxide. Sodium chlorate (NaClO3) was used instead of potassium chlorate.
2NaClO3 + 4HCl ® 2ClO2 + Cl2 + 2NaCl + 2H2O

What are the characteristics of chlorine dioxide ?
Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a synthetic, green-yellowish gas with a chlorine-like, irritating odor. Chlorine dioxide is a neutral chlorine compound. Chlorine dioxide is very different from elementary chlorine, both in its chemical structure as in its behavior. Chlorine dioxide is a small, volatile and very strong molecule. In diluted, watery solutions chlorine dioxide is a free radical. At high concentrations it reacts strongly with reducing agents. Chlorine dioxide is an unstable gas that dissociates into chlorine gas (Cl2), oxygen gas (O2) and heat. When chlorine dioxide is photo-oxidized by sunlight, it falls apart. The end-products of chlorine dioxide reactions are chloride (Cl-), chlorite (ClO-) and chlorate (ClO3-).

At –59°C, solid chlorine dioxide becomes a reddish liquid. At 11°C chlorine dioxide turns into gas.
Chlorine dioxide is 2,4 times denser than air. As a liquid chlorine dioxide has a bigger density than water.

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Copper-silver ionization as a disinfectant

description of water copper-silver ionization as a disinfectant

Source: Copper-silver ionization as a disinfectant

Metals such as copper and silver can be used for water disinfection, if they are ionized.

When was the disinfection mechanism of copper and silver discovered?

Archeological excavations show, that people have been using copper for more than 11.000 years and have been using silver for more than 5000 years. Copper can be easily extracted and processed. More dan 7000 years ago people developed a copper extraction mechanism for copper ores. The Roman empire gained most of its copper from Cyprus, the isle that gave copper its name.
Nowadays copper is mainly extracted form ores, such as cuprite (CuO2), tenorite (CuO), malachite (CuO3·Cu(OH)2), chalcocite (Cu2S), covelite (CuS) and bornite (Cu6FeS4). Large deposits of copper ores have been found throughout the US, Chili, Zambia, Zaïre, peru and Canada.

Silver can be obtained from pure deposits, from silver ores such as argenite (Ag2S) and horn silver (AgCl) and combined with ore deposites that contain lead, gold or copper.

Both copper and silver have been applied for centuries because of their biocidal mechanism. The Vickings used copper strings on their ships to prevent the growth of algae and shells. Modern ships still use the same technology.

Most anti-fouling paints contain copper, reducing the number of marine species growing on the walls of ships. Because of this measure, ships can reach their destination faster.

Nomads used silver coins to improve drinking water quality. Well water containing copper and silver coins is very bright, due to the biocidal affect of these metals.

Since 1869 various publications have appeared on disinfection properties of silver. Some European and Russian villages have been using silver for drinking water treatment for many years.
Copper-silver ionization was developed in both Europe and the United States in the 1950’s.

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hyderbad pharma city, India – Google Maps

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[2017-03-14] Reverse osmosis water purification scam: Hidden camera investigation (CBC Marketplace) – CBC

Clean Water, Dirty Tricks: Marketplace goes undercover to expose the techniques used in door-to-door sales of water purification systems — devices that can cost thousands of dollars, but which most people simply may not need.

[2019-09-11] Turning toxic — the Bayer-Monsanto merger – DW Documentary

A year after Germany’s Bayer Group took over Monsanto, and it’s struggling to deal with the US seed giant’s controversial reputation. Now Bayer is also liable for Monsanto’s legal bills – which are starting to mount alarmingly.

Roundup, a herbicide containing glyphosate sold worldwide by Monsanto has long been suspected of causing cancer. A California court has just awarded more than $2 billion in damages to a couple who had claimed that their use of the pesticide caused them to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma . Bayer’s share price halved last year, and the consequences are already making themselves felt in the company itself: Around 12,000 jobs worldwide are to be cut in the next few years, a considerable proportion of them in Germany. CEO Werner Baumann, who pushed for the merger, is coming under increasing pressure. Voicing criticism, a majority of shareholders voted against absolving Baumann and other managers of their responsibility in the merger. Bayer is in the midst of its greatest crisis.

The film traces the effects of the merger and investigates potential new health hazards emanating from glyphosate. How has Monsanto tried in the past to influence politicians, scientists and public opinion? Did the Americans actually play down or ignore the dangers? And does Bayer really distance itself from these practices?